Human Resource Training
Human Resource Management Training
Human Resource Management for Non-human Resources
Training Need Analysis (TNA)
Effective Domestic Enquiry Skills
Behavioral Interviewing Skills & Assessment
Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
Performance Management System (PMS)
Understanding Employment Act 1955 & Regulations
Managing Conflicts at workplace
Managing Misconduct and Absenteeism at Workplace

Leadership Development Program
Leaders of 21st Century
Leading & Managing People
Think Outside The Box
Higher Productivity & Effective Supervisory Skill
People Management Skills
The Science & Art Of Coaching For Managers
Coaching Training For Managers
Problem Solving (Using A3 Method)
Manager As A Coach
Managing People Effectively
Emerging Leaders Program
Coaching For Performance & Development
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Effective Supervisory Skill
Transformational Leadership

Customer Service Development Program
Professional Front Line Service and Phone Etiquette
Managing Customer and Complaints
Customer Service Excellence
Customer Service Leadership & Relationship
5 Star Customer Service Program
Front Line & Customer Service

Communication Skills Training
Stress & Time Management Training
People Management Skills Training
Powerful, Dynamic, And Persuasive Presentations
Presentation Skills
Excellent Business Communication And Negotiation Skills (Using NLP)
Office Management
Interpersonal Skills and Understanding Body Language
Writing Good Business Documents and Reports
Office Etiquette Training
Better Communication & Business Writing Skills That Works
Communicating In English-Speak Well, Present Yourself Well

Professional Certificate in Supervisory Management ( UTMSPACE)
Professional Certificate in Human Resource (Industrial Relations) (UTMSPACE)