Training Need Analysis (TNA) for SME’s

TNA is a systematic approach used to assess an organization’s Training Needs. It involves an assessment of skill, knowledge and attitude that the people currently possess and skill, knowledge and attitude required to achieve organization objectives and goals. TNA ensures that organizational training is targeting the correct COMPETENCY and EMPLOYEE AND is addressing the business NEED.
This attractive scheme is offered by HRDF under Human Resources Ministry for SMEs. It's called Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Consultancy Scheme for Small and Medium Enterprise/Companies.

Benefits of this TNA grant and scheme?

  • Fully funded by PSMB or HRDF for SMEs. No cost by the company!
  • Get to learn more about TNA via training program for full two days course for FREE under HRDF office in Damansara.(subsidized for your HR & Admin Mgr/Exec)
  • Get experts or HRDF approved TNA consultants (BIG IDEAS CONSULTANCY) to do full analysis of your organizational Training Needs fully funded by PSMB/HRDF.
  • Includes full analysis of organizational KPIs or performance indicators and identify gaps if any!
  • Interviews, surveys and questionnaires of HODs, staffs and permanent employees
  • Sharing with top management on findings, proposed solution both training & non training related.
  • TNA consultants will come up with 3 year (36 months) Training Plan or calendar for subsequent HRD levy utilization.

Are you interested to apply for this scheme?

If interested, below is the process flow:

  • Eligibility check with HRDF officer via email (2-3 days max)- you need to provide us with your company SSM Registration Number, Company Name and Employer No used for HRDF levy contribution:
    • Manufacturing:Not more than 200 Malaysian workers;
    • Service industry:Not more than 75 staff (foreign worker/expatriate not counted!)
    • HRD levy minimum of RM15,000.00 in the account at HRDF
  • Once they confirm via email that the company is eligible to apply, fill up the application form (PSMB/SME/TNA/1/10-Appendix A) and directly fax to them and send us scanned copy via email for follow up.
  • In the Application Form Under Part C, pls indicate as below in bold:
    From where did you receive information about the Small and Medium Enterprises Training Needs Analysis Advisory and Consultancy Scheme? (Please tick (√) in the appropriate boxes.)
  • HRDF officer visits your premise for "Readiness Assessment" with your HR personnel (max for one hour).
  • They will table in HRDF TNA panel review meeting and grant approval which will be followed by issuance of a formal letter. Then we can COMMENCE the TNA consultancy project for your organization.

Note: The whole process listed above takes about 2- 4 weeks in total subjected to officer availability.