Eligibility check with HRDF officer via email (2-3 days max)- you need to provide us with your company SSM Registration Number, Company Name and Employer No used for HRDF levy contribution:

  • Manufacturing:Not more than 200 Malaysian workers;
  • Service industry:Not more than 75 staff (foreign worker/expatriate not counted!)
  • HRD levy minimum of RM15,000.00 in the account at HRDF


Step 1

Email Confirmation

Once they confirm via email that the company is eligible to apply, fill up the application form (PSMB/SME/TNA/1/10-Appendix A) and directly fax to them and send us scanned copy via email for follow up.

Step 2

Application Form

In the Application Form Under Part C, pls indicate as below in bold:
From where did you receive information about the Small and Medium Enterprises Training Needs Analysis Advisory and Consultancy Scheme? (Please tick (√) in the appropriate boxes.)

Step 3

Readiness Assessment

HRDF officer visits your premise for "Readiness Assessment" with your HR personnel (max for one hour).

Step 4

Panel Review

They will table in HRDF TNA panel review meeting and grant approval which will be followed by issuance of a formal letter. Then we can COMMENCE the TNA consultancy project for your organization.

FInal Step